Mosquito Squad: Stopping the party crasher one insect at a time

It’s finally the weekend and you got out the barbecue, swept the spider webs off the furniture on the deck, made one last trip to Safeway for the hamburger buns and now all that’s left to do is wait for your guests. But you are not the only one anticipating a good meal. The mosquito, […]

Greenhouses: Stretch growing season

Anyone who lives in the Sierra foothills knows how challenging starting and growing a garden can be with all the obstacles they love to hate: late frost, low snow, cold soil, deer, etc. But all of these challenges can be eliminated with a greenhouse. Seeds can be started earlier than usual in a greenhouse, plants […]

Birch Woodworks: Creating the antiques of the future today

It all started in a garage in Cupertino. “Woodworking was my dad’s hobby,” said Tom, owner of Birch Woodworks Co. Inc. “I grew up doing it. Both my dad and I loved it. And high-quality craftsmanship was the natural result.” It didn’t take long for local engineers and other professionals to notice. By showcasing their […]