Nail It Roofing: Homegrown and happy

It was the late 1990s. Two brothers, heavy backpacks thrown over a shoulder, walked toward the high school they would eventually graduate from. Conversations were light, often about cars, (something with muscle) sports (preferably pro), girls (pretty much anything) and most importantly, lunch. Thoughts of what career path they’d choose rarely, if ever, came up. […]

Charms from Origami Owl

Maybe you’ve heard the story: Arizona’s Bella Weems was just a sophomore in high school but knew that before long she’d be wanting a car. And she’d been taught early on that the way to get what you want is through hard work. She loved making jewelry so she started with an idea: She would […]

Rainbow System vacuums and cleans spots

We’ve all purchased one — an affordable vacuum cleaner from one of the big box stores and the first couple of times you use it you are convinced that this will be your “forever” vacuum. Many of us have an active family and a number of furry critters sharing the house with us. Others have […]

Excel Tech: Experts in turf, weeds and trees

Although there are many advantages to owning a home and property, there is at least one downside: maintenance. Here in El Dorado County, star thistle, poison oak, mistletoe, bark beetles and so on are more than enough keep residents busy. But there’s good news. Excel Tech Inc. specializes in turf control and can handle any […]