Hooves and paws calendar

 Art ‘N’ Bark – The El Dorado Arts Council is exhibiting a pet-themed art show spotlighting local artists and pet-friendly activities for pet owners and their four-legged friends to enjoy together. The show extends from May 21 through June 30. An artists’ reception including dog-friendly vendors and activities will take place June 20 from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. Questions?  [email protected] […]

Giving cats a second chance at life

Meow! Who doesn’t love the sound of a cat calling? Those big eyes, that twitching tail, the contented purr. Okay, okay. Not everyone is a cat lover, but surely no one wants to see a cat hurting, right? That’s exactly what Cindy and Ed Minghelli thought when they created the Agee Memorial Wildlife Fund, Inc. […]