Powerhouse Gym trainer helps a husband save his wife’s life

There is no question that exercise coupled with good nutrition can lead to a happy, healthy life. For Doug and Pam Leeville, it also has the potential to life in general. Pam Leeville has been on dialysis for two and a half years and in desperate need of a new kidney. As a loving husband, […]

Yoga at Powerhouse Gym

You now have permission to take care of yourself — by embracing yoga and reaping the rewards for your body, mind and spirit. That’s the message from Joyce Kilburg, who has been offering yoga instruction at Powerhouse Gym in Diamond Springs for 14 years. “Yoga is really a lifestyle,” said Kilburg, 64, as she walked […]

Dr. Lyons adds 2nd orthodondist

In 1995 Timothy Lyons and a crew were filming a documentary in the state of Para, a remote section of the Amazon in Northern Brazil. Young Lyons was helping his father-in-law produce a documentary about the Zoe, a recently discovered tribe. That’s when he stumbled upon a Zoe girl who, unknowingly, would change his life. […]