Nucali Spinal Care offers unique treatments for the pain

Pain — and back pain especially — is no laughing matter. Ask anyone who has suffered from a pinched nerve. The term “exquisite” barely come close. One just wants to lie as still as possible, waiting for the pain to go away. Nowadays, society is just beginning to learn the benefits of keeping the human […]

Robinson’s Medical Equipment and Supplies

ROBINSON’S MEDICAL employees left to right, Cindy Marinello, Deana Louden, seated, Debra Canale, Andrea Campbell, and Franzska Goller. Located at 1261 Broadway in Placerville, Robinson’s Medical Equipment and Supplies sells and rents oxygen supplies, many different styles of walkers, lift chairs, bathroom safety products, canes, crutches and more. The most recent addition to their product list is […]

Cameron Park Physical Therapy

CAMERON PARK PHYSICAL THERAPY owner Steve Harrity works with physical therapy assistant Claudette Russell, who is working on Tom Gamble’s knee. “We are unique in that we go beyond our patients’ expectations, delivering excellent service in a caring manner. We do all we can to improve our patients’ condition and quality of life,” Harrity said. […]