Symmetry takes the pain away with postural alignment

For some chronic pain sufferers there’s nothing worse than therapy that seems to cause more pain than it does any good. The bending, the twisting and the pain medication all seem to give little relief. But there may be an answer and all it takes is a short drive down the hill to find out. […]

Shingle Springs Health & Wellness Center: Healthcare for the whole family

When it comes to choosing the right healthcare provider, the doctors and staff at the Shingle Springs Health & Wellness Center know patients aren’t only concerned about themselves — they’re also concerned about their families. That’s why the Shingle Springs Health & Wellness Center is committed to providing personalized, compassionate, high-quality care for the whole […]

Isagenix helps people live healthier lifestyles

Isagenix carries a reputation for helping folks lose weight. But local distributor Cecelia Gachet-Atchison said the products Isagenix carries has far surpassed that. “Over the past decade, Isagenix has emerged from a reputation as ‘just a weight loss company’ and established itself as a multifaceted solutions company at the forefront of four major global concerns […]