Trust your gut with a visit to Dr. Cummings’ office

If you have a gut feeling that something is wrong with your health, don’t ignore it. It just might be … well, your gut. That’s when you pick up the phone and call Dr. Daniel Cummings, who for 26 years has soothed the tummies of El Dorado County patients. “When you feel pain in your […]

Sleep apnea specialist Dr. Bughao a ‘gentle dentist’

Snoring and sleep apnea? Don’t lose sleep over it. “Jokes about loud snorers can be pretty funny, but in reality, snoring is no laughing matter,” said Dr. Rodney Bughao, dentist and dental sleep apnea specialist. “The snorer often wakes up exhausted, and I’m genuinely surprised by how many couples sleep in separate bedrooms due to […]

Sacramento Heart and Vascular brings top-notch docs to Placerville

The nurses, doctors and admins of Sacramento Heart and Vascular Medical Associates have a respected history of Primary Care and Cardiology services in Placerville. The enterprise has had a presence in Hangtown for 17 years, and recently added more staff for a continuing, healthy future. With two physicians, two nurse practitioners, two medical assistants and […]

Mercy Medical a trusted name in healthcare services

What makes your community a great place to live? It may be the ability to send your children to good schools, feeling safe and secure in your neighborhood or having restaurants and stores nearby. For many people, access to quality medical care is also at the top of this list. Fortunately, Mercy Medical Group, a […]