Hangtown Body Shop takes the stress out of car repair

Hangtown Body Shop is named after one of the earlier names of Placerville, where it is located. But it is also a doing business as A1 Collision and Bumper Centers. As satellite bumper center repair shops are opened in different locations throughout the region, they are known as A1 Bumper Centers. Dan Dewater is the […]

Marshall Medical celebrates 55 years

The beginning Marshall Medical Center’s 55-year history is a story of dedicated local people who periodically faced a cliffhanger and came through. When Marshall Hospital opened its doors in 1959, it was the culmination of three years of organizing and fundraising by El Dorado County residents and business people to provide quality health care locally. […]

Lofty Lou’s is color central

Should there be any doubt that the inside of Lofty Lou’s Yarn Shop is full of colorful, quality yarns and fabrics, that notion is quickly dispelled when Lou Andersen herself greets you at the door. She’s 65, she’s nothing but fun, and her hair is streaked with turquoise, bright red, orange and blue that instead […]

Shoestring: Home of the pastrami burger and chili cheese fries

Happiness is not just a destination. If one is wise, happiness is found along the journey. And that is key to the success at the Shoestring restaurant in Placerville. Housed in a little yellow building, just feet from the pavement on Broadway, this old-fashioned burger joint evokes memories of the small town burger places of […]