Viper Pest Control handles rats, spiders and meat bees

In an age of franchises, licensees and branch offices, there is increasing authenticity to the phrase, “Family owned — We care about our customers.” Gary and Mary Young, owners of Viper Pest Control in Diamond Springs, embrace their customers almost like family. “We strive to keep our clients happy with reliability, competence, integrity and thorough […]

Foothill Tree Service — 50 years as top arborist

If the strength of a business lies in its reputation, customer base and ability to survive tough economic times, then consider Foothill Tree Service a fortress. The humble outfit Jim Dykstra began soon after he moved to El Dorado County a few months shy of his 19th birthday turns 50 next year. No longer existing to […]

Charles Mitchell demonstrates the magic of wine

Anyone who knows anything about wine will tell you that there’s an experience to be found in wine that you really can’t get anywhere else. The right wine paired with the right food can outdo a can of beer or Coca-Cola every time. But why is that? And what makes the difference between the right […]

Ned Carnett: ‘No. 1 in the No. 2 business’

 “They keep telling us to raise our prices,” said Ned Carnett, 69, owner of Ned Carnett Septic Services located on Union Ridge Road in Placerville. “If you bring up your price, your profit margin is higher. But we don’t look at it as, ‘We’re going to make so much money for this job.’ We have […]