Age-worthiness wines poured at dkcellars

After years of developing vintner muscles and steel nerves, Dave and Kim Pratt stepped up in 1997 and purchased a 10-acre vineyard nestled in the foothills at the end of a labyrinth of stringy roads bearing names like Slug Gulch, Rocky Bar and Boondock Trail — all part of a gold mining township known as Fair Play. […]

‘Let’s go!’ to Diamond Springs for French country food

French sports fans yell “Allez! Allez!” “Let’s go! Let’s go!” to cheer their teams on to victory. French food fans say “Allez! Let’s go!” when they have a hankering for French cooking that lifts your spirits as it delights your taste buds. There is no other place to go than Allez! in Diamond Springs. The […]

Shingle Springs architect designed key restaurants

In high school when most young men were trying to figure out how to play guitar like Keith Richard or come up with the best line to get that gorgeous gal to go to the prom, Jon Westphal was strolling through the neighborhood studying the homes that were under construction. As a freshman at Mira […]

Why buy when you can rent it from All Star

Got a hefty project in the backyard? Planning a big party? What can you do when you need a big piece of equipment, or a lot of it — especially if it’s not something you’ll need again? In 1962, Ted and Esther deVries asked themselves this very question and decided to create Vallejo Rent-All, a […]

Hacienda del Rio for fun and food in Folsom Mexican-style

If you are looking for a quiet, elegant meal, don’t go to the Hacienda on the corner of Riley and Sutter in Historical Folsom. This place is for having a good time. With a menu of great Mexican food and a full bar, the restaurant is more like a real Mexican cantina. During football season, […]

Placerville Veterinary Clinic: For the love of animals

 By the time he was in the fourth grade, Rick Parsons knew what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. “I loved animals,” said Parsons, DVM, owner of Placerville Veterinary Clinic, located on Mother Lode Drive in Placerville. “I had my first dog, Tiny, and that was it . . . Ninety-five […]