Cary House hosting guests since 1857

Walk the lobby and hallways where Buffalo Bill, Bette Davis and Lynyrd Skynyrd set foot. As you sign the guestbook, think about how the front desk occupies space that once was a saloon where Mark Twain held forth. Then check out Room 311 where Elvis Presley is rumored to have stayed, leading to an El […]

Diamond Springs Hotel restaurant just like home

Amid the hustle and bustle of breakfast on a Sunday morning at the Diamond Springs Hotel, it can be easy to forget the vast history behind this longstanding establishment. Built in 1916 by Antone Meyer, the Diamond Springs Hotel is the lone survivor of many boarding houses and hotels established in Diamond Springs during the […]

Placerville Post Office: Oldest business in Placerville

In 1850, newly-appointed Postmaster T. Carr Nugent received a letter from the U.S. Postmaster General Nathan Hall, requesting the selection of a new name for Nugent’s community. It seems there were too many places called “Hangtown.” The name alluded, of course, to the fate of convicted claim-jumpers, horse thieves and murderers. Nugent agreed such a […]