Mooney Chiropractic brings pain relief, extends mobility

Delores and Bud Skinner of Swansboro weren’t really “chiropractor people” but they were at their wits’ end with Bud’s chronic back pain in the early 1990s. They didn’t want to follow all those doctors’ recommendations to get surgery, either, because so many people they knew regretted doing it themselves. “Bud and I knew several people […]

50 Grand Steakhouse: Where great food and family come together

It’s a familiar sight for anyone local, and a welcome one for travelers passing through on their way to or from Lake Tahoe. For nearly 50 years, 50 Grand Steakhouse has been serving both regulars and visitors alike with the same excellent food and attention to detail as its founder, Gene Drury, when he first […]

Hop Sing Palace serving Chinese food since 1957

Hop Sing Palace and Folsom’s Historical District go together like a horse and carriage. The Chinese restaurant opened at 805 Sutter S. in 1957, one year after Folsom Dam was completed. It is now the oldest restaurant in Folsom. The business was called Ken’s Hop Sing Palace. Ken, whose last name could be written in […]