Stay in the comfort of the familiar with Harlow’s Help at Home

The company motto could borrow from the old Ghostbusters challenge. “Who you gonna call?”  Well, who are you gonna call when you or a loved one can’t get out of the chair, bathe independently or even cook dinner? Harlow’s Help at Home is who you’re gonna call. While guardian angel may be a little over the […]

Z Group ready to serve

In 2011 the real estate market was at a historic low point. However, Russ Toliver, Beverly Read and Lauralee Green were not strangers to hard work and determination. They plunged into starting a new real estate company with enthusiasm and “A Purpose.” Getting ready to begin their fifth year in business, ‘Z Group Real Estate […]

Heidi Drury supports her customers and local economy

Looking to start a new building project around your home? Know what kind of “look” you want but not sure what materials you need or where to begin? Diamond Central Building Supplies is here to help. Located at 520 Truck St. in Placerville, Diamond Central Building Supply staff has helped local homeowners and contractors create […]

Michelle Clark promotes a healthy lifestyle

Working for a company named In-Shape might make a lot of women self-conscious, but not Michelle Clark. “Ten years in the fitness industry has taught me that everyone defines being ‘in shape’ a little differently,” Clark said. “Our company mission is to help members have fun and live an ‘In-Shape Lifestyle,’ not to push a […]

Shari Merle helps simplify financial planning

After 26 years as a Certified Financial Planner, Shari Merle said nothing surprises her anymore. From her LPL Financial office in El Dorado Hills she has seen some things stay the same and some things change. In spite of the fact that more women are college graduates, and work outside the home, Shari finds that […]